Commercial Boiler Service and Repair in Albany and Glens Falls, NY

Troy Boiler Works is a full service ASME boiler company centrally located in Troy, NY. We perform routine preventative maintenance as well as repair at the customer's site with our shop fabrication services for both water-tube and fire-tube boiler systems. This includes work such as boiler combustion tunings, waterside and fireside cleanings, gasket replacement, etc. Less routine work, including burner conversion, piping replacement/alteration, boiler tube replacement, hand-hole replacement, manway resurfacing and stack and breeching replacement or repair, etc., are also done. Field work is backed up by a full equipped 30,000 square foot fabricating shop. Contact our boiler company today to learn more or schedule your service in the greater Glens Falls, NY area.

Heat Exchanger Design

Design is the cornerstone of any heat exchanger fabrication. Our experienced and dedicated staff possesses the skills and knowledge to design your heat exchanger according to current ASME and TEMA standards. We desire to be the best at what we do, and we will work closely with you to design a heat exchanger that perfectly matches your needs.

Here at Troy Boiler Works, we are well acquainted in working with heat exchangers of different sizes and configurations. The tubing can be straight, u-bend, bare or finned. We have made heat exchangers with tubing in a variety of alloys including carbon steel, copper, brass, cupronickel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. We have a considerable inventory in both boiler tube heat exchanger tubing. Other tubing can typically gotten quickly In addition, we have a Pines #2 tube bender on the premises as well as torque-controlled tube rolling equipment to ensure uniform stresses and eliminate over-rolling. Heat exchangers, like other code vessels we produce are hydro tested and signed off by an independent inspector before shipping to the customer.

Boiler services include (but are not limited to):

  • Burner Service, Trouble shooting, operation and safety checks
  • Combustion, Testing and adjustments
  • Control Replacement, Flame Safeguard Systems, mercury free operating and Level controls
  • Code Weld Repairs, Fire tubes, Water tubes, Heat-exchangers - fabrication & repair
  • Boiler Re-tubing, Partial and complete boiler re-tubing
  • Heat Exchangers, In-house re-tubing, refurbishment, rapid turnaround
  • Hand hole and Manway, Replacement, repair and resurfacing
  • Casing--Stack--Breaching, New components, made to order for complete or partial replacement, or repaired, onsite or in our shop
  • Emergency Boiler Rentals, Trailer, mobile, or skid-mounted systems in a variety of pressure and temperature ranges
  • Start-up service, 24/7 delivery, operator training, turnkey installations, 24/7 support
  • Pre-installation consultation available

Preventive maintenance services include (but are not limited to):

  • Mechanical-pneumatic boiler tube and firebox cleanings
  • Stack and breaching maintenance and cleaning
  • Waterside inspection, cleaning, flushing and gasket replacement
  • Repair or Refurbishment of safety valves and non-return valves

Parts available for installation or next day shipment:

  • Fireside gaskets, Waterside gaskets, Water columns (probe or float), Gauge glass, Reflex glass
  • Safety Valves, Header Valves, Non-Return Valves, Check Valves
  • Nozzles, Oil & gas valves, Actuators, Blower motors, Controllers, Amplifiers, Programmers, etc.

Did you know?

Businesses engaged in welded boiler repairs are required to have a certified R-Stamp from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, or the State of New York. For further information, contact the New York State Dept. of Labor, Boiler Safety Bureau, with any questions concerning certified boiler repair companies.

Troy Boiler Works holds the following CODE stamps:

"R" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to repair and/or alter boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure-retaining items.
"U" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to manufacture pressure vessels
"H" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to manufacture / modify heating boilers
"S" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to manufacture / modify power boilers
"HLW" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to repair/modify lined potable water heaters
"PP" - Certifying that Troy Boiler Works is entitled to manufacture and modify pressure piping

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Keep Your Commercial Boiler Running Smoothly

Count on us for commercial boiler services in Troy, NY

If your commercial boiler needs some TLC, turn to Troy Boiler Works. We offer top-notch commercial boiler services in Troy, NY. We perform routine preventive maintenance as well as high-quality repairs for water-tube and fire-tube boiler systems. We also perform other boiler services, including burner conversions, piping replacements, and boiler tube replacements. Call us today to learn more about our commercial boiler services.

Give your boiler some TLC

Troy Boiler Works is a full-service boiler company ready to deliver exceptional results. We offer a full range of boiler services to our clients. You can rely on us for:

  • Burner services
  • Combustion services
  • Control replacement services
  • Code weld repair services
  • Boiler re-tubing services
  • Heat exchanger services
  • Hand hole and manway services
  • Casing services
  • Emergency boiler rental services
  • Boiler start-up services

Count on us to get the job done right the first time. Set up boiler services with us today.